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30-minute Listening Party at 11:30pm EST on May 16, 2022
Thank you for registering to attend this Listening Party!

Listening Parties are an enjoyable way to celebrate love and listening and create more of both in the world.

This Listening Party is an inclusive space.

“Listening is one of the most humane activities we can do to show the other person how important they are to us. Disfluency, communication disorders and speaking disabilities, like stammering, give us an unique opportunity to take a step back and listen in an empathetic and patient manner. This exercise will be a step in the right direction for True Inclusion and Diversity.” - Puneet Singhal, founder of Ssstart a nonprofit based in New Delhi that is on a mission to normalize different speech disabilities and unique styles of communication.

Being matched with a new Listening Partner in a breakout room is part of the Party.

Please note, our inclusion for this event does not extend to children and teenagers below 18 years of age.

In the unlikely event that you find yourself in a room with a child or teenager, please return to the main room. Furthermore, you have our explicit permission to leave the break out room or the event at any time to prioritize your needs.

By signing up for this event you are agreeing to care for yourself on all levels the entire time. Everyone, including the host of the Listening Party, is solely responsible for their own well-being.

To get a feel for the kind of listening we will be offering each other at the Listening Party please enjoy the poem "Today I Will Listen" by Marva Shand-McIntosh, the founder of I Love to Listen Day. It can be found at

For more information about Listening Parties and Partnerships please email

Looking forward to seeing you at the Party!

May 16, 2022 08:30 PM in Vancouver