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Debate & Diplomacy that Changed the World: Landmark Moments & Leaders from Hawaiʻi, Pacific, and U.S., History
Join community leaders and experts from across Hawaiʻi as they share their insight, wisdom, and resources in line with the theme "Debate & Diplomacy." Learn about history through different fields & perspectives such as law, politics, labor, diplomacy, and water rights, and more. Find what interests you and continue researching!

Session 1: Thur, Sept. 2
Topic #1: Hawaiʻi History Day Topics: Fishing, Land, and Health Rights
Topic #2: William S. Richardson: Engaging Statehood & the American Legal System to Create Opportunities for Home Grown Hawaiian Leadership

Session 2: Thur, Sept. 16
Topic #1: Diplomatic Leadership in Hawaiʻi During World War II
Topic #2: Off the Cutting Room Floor: Finding Moving Image Gems

Session 3: Thur, Sept. 30
Topic #1: A Brief History of Reproductive Justice: Birth, Puberty, and Sex Education in Hawaiʻi
Topic #2: Water and Law in Maui

Session 4: Thur, Oct. 14:
Topic #1: History of Micronesia
Topic #2: NFIP Pacific Islander "Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific"

Session 5: Thur, Oct. 28
Topic #1: Kahoʻolawe: Hawaiians vs U.S. Navy–Debating the Future of the Island of Kahoʻolawe
Topic #2: Con Con ʻ78–A Constitution of Hawaiʻi–Weaving Together
Support for the Hawaiian Rights Amendments to the Hawaiʻi State Constitution

All Sessions: 3:30–5:00 PM
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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