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The COVID pandemic has revealed how fragile and inefficient the global manufacturing paradigm and long supply chains are in emergency situations. What if we could manufacture PPE, medical devices, or anything, locally anywhere? Given current and emerging technology, what would production look like if were configured it from scratch? At the Internet of production Alliance, we believe the answer lies in sustainable, globally networked, local manufacturing.  ‍Join us for a conversation with innovators and researchers who are flipping the globalised manufacturing paradigm: they are building local or regional platforms that link designers, buyers, and manufacturers.

Our speakers are at different levels of advancement in the creation of their platforms: we'll explore what is needed in those platforms, what challenges they face, and make the case for supporting local platforms in an age of global solutions.  

Moderators: Barbara Schack and Ronald Tumuhairwe, Internet of Production Alliance  

Speakers: Juakali Smart, Kenya, James Ochuka, Founder  
Makerko, Nepal, Ram Chandra Thapa, Founder  
Virtual Factory Network, by MoTIV, Uganda,
Bertram Ford, Co-founder and Factory Lead  
Kijenzi, Kenya, John Gershenson, Co-Founder and CEO  ‍

Research:   Anna Sera Lowe - UK, Founder Manufacturing Change  
Ben Oldfrey - UK, a research fellow at the Global Disability Innovation Hub  

May 5, 2022 01:30 PM in Nairobi

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