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Yoga @ The Halley
Join us on Wednesdays 8.00 - 8.45am for yoga.

Mixed level, dynamic and open to all, this class is an invitation to energise the body, lift the soul, warm the heart and calm the mind. We bring a sense of humour and good music to these sessions so let's leave judgement and the busy-ness of day to day life at the door and share some nurturing and grounding yoga.

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Zoom - £8
In Person £10

We would much rather you attend these classes than not at all so if finances prevent you joining please let us know and lets work out a concession rate.


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Mark the date and time of the class on your payment. Please make a payment before or just after the class finishes.

Yoga is a beautiful and enriching practice that can challenge us in unique and unexpected ways. A position or sequence that was effortless yesterday could feel impossible today, and vice versa.

1. Always exercise within your own limits. If you are aware of any on going/pre existing medical conditions that could be impacted by physical activity please get medical advice before attending this class.

Please also seek advice if you have experienced any of the following:

Joint problems-Back or neck problems-Heart conditions-Chest pains-Dizziness-Recent surgery-Respiratory problems-High or low blood pressure-Arthritis-Current/recent pregnancy-Carpal tunnel-Ear or eye disorders-Epilepsy

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If you are attending on Zoom feel free to use the Spotify playlists below.



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