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Panel Discussion: Indigenous People of the Amazon
On the 15th of October 2021, Global Human Rights Defence will host a panel dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. This panel will address the heritage and way of living of different indigenous communities in the Amazon basin. We will discuss their tradition and culture such as their special connection to their land.

The panel will include a discussion regarding the threats to the subsistence of these indigenous communities and the current human rights violations caused by country policies, drug trafficking, oil, gas and mining companies and climate change. GHRD mission is to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities, difficulties and dangers that the indigenous communities have to endure but also to provide solutions and alternatives to their current issues.

In order to get a better insight of the situation of indigenous peoples in the Amazon, GHRD has invited different experts from Surinam, Brazil, Colombia and Peru to discuss the matter. We are hoping that through this panel we will reach more people and raise awareness about these human rights violations and provide support to the indigenous peoples living at the Amazon basin.
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