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Digital Teaching & Learning: The Pre Edit | A 5-week Community of Practice | Led by Dr Emma Pauncefort |
Digital Teaching and Learning: The Pre Edit
This 5 week programme brings together a global community of educators to do just this in a safe and supportive online space. Using The Critical and Creative Cycle™, we will explore how we as teachers and learners can best bring digital tools into education. Our context is in part our shared experience of teaching and learning in the midst of a global health crisis. But we will be going further than this: together, we will evaluate the 'EdTech' ('education technology') sector at large within the context of key debates taking place within education. Through a series of curated readings, critical questions and workshops, we will look at the boom and bust of EdTech initiatives, we will unpick what makes an 'education hero', we will explore what the 'learning sciences' can tell us about how we best learn and why, and we will define what we really mean by 'C21st knowledge and skills'.
This programme is the companion initiative to The Digital Literacy Lab for Educators (DLLE).
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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