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Helping Creatives to Sell Workshop (Free) by Practice Best Practice (Live and on Zoom)
Creatives have to manage a variety of issues when it comes to selling their work. This ranges from finding venues to sell in to setting prices for the work. This workshop will cover many of these issues including:
• Pricing
• Sales at open studios
• Gallery shows
• Commissioned pieces
• Managing requests for discounts
* Pricing - Whether single items, multiple works priced together, etc.
* Sales at open studios - open studios tend to be high traffic events. Unlike a gallery opening with a selected group of art appreciators, open studios require the ability to connect quickly with potential buyers, ask some opening questions, and to sell works today or schedule a time to meet and sell later (if they have to measure, for instance). Open studios are sales opportunities and it’s important to prepare for them to make it easy for the buyer to buy now. 
* Gallery shows - these tend to be invitation only for the opening and the artist is usually present. It’s an opportunity for the artist to talk to potential buyers about what they like, if they are collectors, and to be open to discussing how they work and what inspires them. It’s the gallery owners role to sell the art and the artists role to add panache and value to the event.
* Commissioned pieces - How to price these, how to discuss pricing with client about specific items. 
* Managing requests for discounts - this can be more common at open studios than at gallery openings (the latter at which the artist would not be involved). Questions to ask to clarify the request for discounts, asking closing questions, managing pricing requests and objections.
Presenter: Jody Seivert, M.Ed., IDS

This workshop will happen in person and on zoom simultaneously.
The live session is at Hub 128 (128 Union St. New Bedford, MA)
Please ask any burning questions or tell us about areas you would like us to cover in the workshop in the comments area below.
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Sep 21, 2022 05:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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