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ISSCT Pathology Section Webinar 2: Pathogen diagnostics and surveillance
Session 1: Pathogen diagnostics and surveillance – research and updates
Chair: Nawshad Joomun

Speaker 1: 1:00pm GMT – 1:30pm GMT
Dr Dimitre Mollov (USDA): The use of high throughput sequencing in sugarcane virus discovery and diagnostics. Sugarcane viruses are a major concern for the exchange and movement of sugarcane germplasm worldwide. High throughput sequencing (HTS) is a powerful technology for discovery of new and emerging viruses and detection of known viruses. In this report the use of HTS for: 1) virus discovery of new and emerging viruses; 2) optimization of existing diagnostics protocols; and 3) optimization of HTS as a detection tool will be discussed.

Speaker 2: 1:30pm GMT – 2:00pm GMT: Dr Nicole Thompson (SRA): iMapPESTS: Modernising sugarcane diagnostics and surveillance in Australia There has been significant investment in modernising surveillance tools in Australian agriculture by developing a surveillance system known as iMapPESTS ( This is a multidisciplinary project with the flagship being development of sophisticated sentinel units. SRA has been involved in this project by adapting, upgrading and modernising diagnostics for established and exotic sugarcane pests of biosecurity concern. In this presentation I will discuss the sentinel surveillance units, their use in sugarcane surveillance and the new tests developed for a range of sugarcane pathogens.

Diagnostics and surveillance panel discussion: 2:00pm – 2:30pm GMT
Dimitre Mollov, Nicole Thompson, Stuart Rutherford, Jean-Heinrich Daugrois, Nawshad Joomun (Chair TBA)

-15 minute break

Session 2:45pm – 3:30pm GMT
Country updates from attendees (part 2)
Chair: N Thompson:
Attendees will be able to make comments and give updates of new diseases, or emerging issues in their country/region. Information from this session will be used to initiate the updates of disease lists for countries.

Jun 30, 2022 05:00 PM in Dubai