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Strategies for Implementing a Green Revolving Fund
Competing priorities in primary and secondary school systems mean there is rarely enough money to fund capital building projects which improve efficiency, health and the bottom line. There are, however, ways to overcome this funding barrier, and one way is through a proven model of internal capital financing referred to as a Green Revolving Fund (GRF).

During this webinar presenters will explore the virtuous cycle of the revolving fund and showcase stories from k-12 schools who are using the GRF model to support sustainability programs on their campuses, including successes and pitfalls. Attendees will see first hand the various tools designed specifically to help institutions implement and manage a fund, from simple spreadsheets to the GRITS software.

We welcome all school leaders and community advocates interested in financing sustainability programs with a revolving fund to join us for this free webinar.

Cameren Cousins, Director of Sustainability & Faculty, Fenn School
Dan Schnitzer, Director of Construction & Sustainability, Durham Public Schools
Mark Orlowski, Executive Director and Founder, Sustainable Endowments Institute

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