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ISSCT Molecular Biology Webinar: “Genome Editing of Sugarcane"
As part of the series of Webinars that will be organized by the ISSCT in 2022 for its different disciplines, the Molecular Biology Webinar of the Biology Commission will be held on Tuesday 2 August 2022 at 11 a.m. GMT.

Introduction by María Francisca Perera, from the ISSCT Molecular Biology Section.

Main topics

Technology, applications and regulation

• Technology overview and challenges presented by polyploid crop genomes by Prof. Fredy Altpeter (University of Florida)

• International perspectives on the (de)regulation of genome-edited crops by Dr. Hennie Groenewald (Biosafety South Africa; ISBR Board member)

Genome editing (GEd) holds huge potential benefits as it allows the relatively quick, efficient, accurate and cost-effective modification of valuable genetic traits in crops, livestock and micro-organisms. However, to realize these benefits, products developed using GEd must be subject to fit-for-purpose, science-based safety regulations that satisfactorily manage national priorities, while allowing meaningful international integration. Discussions regarding the governance of GEd invariably raise questions whether the organisms resulting from its application should be considered ‘‘genetically modified’’ (GM) or not - and as a result be regulated as such or not. Depending on the regulatory approach taken in each country or region, the commercialization of these crops and their products may or may not require approval from the respective regulatory authorities. GEd crop developers, therefore, need to be aware of the current mosaic of regulatory schemes that affect these products. This presentation will provide an overview of the varied approaches to GEd regulation taken by several jurisdictions around the world and

Aug 2, 2022 11:00 AM in London

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