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12 Chakra System w. Judy Owen
Join us for a deep, 2 part series which explores the NEW 12 Energy Chakra System. Together, we will learn about how the shift to 5D has enhanced the traditional 7 chakras and activated 5 new ones outside of the physical body.

Investment: $75 for 5hr Course
Includes: Presentation, handouts, activations, meditations & affirmations.

Part 1:
The Expanded 7 Chakra System
March 14th, 5:30-8pm EST
Live or Via Zoom

Our journey begins with an exploration through the expanded 7 Chakra System. Body workers and healers have balanced and opened the 7 chakras of their clients for years. Now we have learned that these 7 chakras have been expanded to help us ascend. Why now? Wisdom and scientific experts are telling us that we are on the verge of a cosmic shift. So, how might these expanded existing chakras play a role in preparing us for this cosmic shift in consciousness?

The existing chakras teach us about bliss, intelligence, self-expression, love, self-empowerment, sensuality, safety and security. The newly activated chakras teach us inner growth and spiritual evolution. Working with these chakras we expand, spiritually progress, deepen and find new ways of self-expression, creativity and personal growth.

Part 2
Newly Activated 5 Chakras
March 28th, 5:30-8pm EST
Live or via Zoom

In Part Two, we will learn about the 5 newly activated chakras and learn how to connect our body into the Earth and into the Cosmos.

Why have these 5 transcendent chakras been activated at this time?

We will explore the cosmic timeline that is currently and swiftly moving us forward into a planetary shift. Studying the timeline will allow us to see and understand the evolutionary process toward the Golden Age.

Activations, Meditations & Affirmations included.
Mar 28, 2023 05:30 PM
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