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SR Talk | Prof. Amy Woodson-Boulton — From Teaching Modern Global Environmental History to Starting Historian Rebellion
Abstract: Like scientists, historians tend to research very specific times and places. My own work is on the history of museums, anthropology, and art in industrial Britain. These projects have come out of my interest in changing ideas about “nature” and “art,” and how industrialization and imperialism transformed British (and colonial!) culture and society. At the same time, like many academics, my courses can be much broader. A few years ago, I started teaching modern global environmental history. While I have been an activist in different ways since I was an undergraduate 30 years ago, and had been teaching world history for years, teaching this global environmental history class has given me a new sense of purpose to my teaching. That experience, combined with the complete lack of action on climate change, and seeing groundbreaking actions by XR and SR, inspired myself and others to form Historian Rebellion a few months ago. In this short talk, I’ll discuss the kinds of perspectives that global environmental history can offer, why I started Historian Rebellion, and how an interdisciplinary approach is helpful for our research and our activism.

Speaker: Amy Woodson-Boulton is professor and past chair of the Department of History at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. A historian of Britain and Ireland, she works on cultural reactions to industrialization, including the history of museums and ideas about nature and “primitive art.” She teaches modern British, European, and global courses that focus on imperial, cultural, public, and environmental history.

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