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2022 EURAGRI Conference "European Food Systems’ Innovation for Resilience - the short and long-term challenges"
The effects of climate change, the impacts of COVID-19 and more recently the Ukrainian invasion, challenge the resilience of food systems globally. However, building food system resilience is a challenging task, as food systems are intrinsically complex and, as the recent years clearly showed, increasingly exposed to drivers of change, from natural disasters, resource degradation to economic and political crisis.

The food system depends on the combined and interactive resilience of all actors and processes in the chain, therefore a systemic approach is needed to ensure that food systems, in view of stresses and unpredictable shocks can maintain their functionality, recover from harmful events, and preferably improve to a better-off state. Interventions aiming to increase the resilience of food systems will have different impacts in different geographical contexts, depending on their agro-ecological and climatic setting, government policies, private sector engagement, community participation and institutional capacities. The intrinsic short- and long-term interests and potential trade-offs and feedback loops must be identified and addressed accordingly.

EURAGRI and IFVCNS invite you to participate in and contribute to the discussion on
1. What are the current and emerging research questions, innovations and dilemmas concerning food system resilience?
2. Do we have adequate and innovative methodologies in place to identify drivers of resilience in complex food systems and their interaction?
3. Do we have a common understanding of food system resilience? Are there relevant dimensions that are being neglected?
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