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Function First LIVE with the MSing Link in March 2023
Join Dr Gretchen Hawley and Patricia Hawley in March 2023 for a series of exercise, yoga and meditation sessions. This month's theme is 'hip strength and pelvic floor'.

Week 1 - Yoga with Patricia (1 March): Yoga poses to improve hip strength and pelvic floor function.

Week 2 - Exercise with Gretchen (8 March): Overall hip strengthening to improve hip flexion, knee kissing/buckling inward, and mobility.

Week 3 - Meditation with Patricia (15 March): A meditation focusing on “circular breath” for the pelvic floor. It will be helpful to have a firm-ish pillow handy.

Week 4 - Exercise with Gretchen (22 March): Isometric strengthening to improve hip mobility and day-to-day movement including walking and climbing stairs.

Week 5 - Yoga and meditation with Patricia (29 March): Yoga class followed by a meditation practice for pelvic floor health.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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