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A ‘New Year / New You’ Guide to Creating Immersive XR, NFTs and Location-Based 5G Productions
Curious about the ever-evolving, emerging creative worlds of immersive and interactive media production, where to start and just what the heck does it all mean? Join Executive XR Producer & Creative Technologist Muki Kulhan who’ll present this ‘easy to digest’ taster session giving a landscape overview of all things Immersive XR, VR, AR, MR, RT3D, Virtual

It’s the year 2022, and the creative industries are now truly shifting into more immersive, interactive, interoperable, real-time 3D, spatial worlds. Grab a coffee and sit back as we explore the opportunities within Creative Immersive Media, including an engaging keynote to provide a “101” overview of the current XR landscape, plus two fireside sessions taking a deep dive into NFTs and 5G, to learn how and where to get started creating and future-proofing your content, and, careers.

Lead by Muki Kulhan, who is a multi-award-winning (BAFTA, BIMA) Executive Digital XR Producer & Creative Technologist with over two decades creating groundbreaking content and interactive experiences for music, broadcasting, culture and tech innovation. Recent Executive XR work in has included launching a National Gallery X residency & “Art of London Augmented Gallery” AR app, and heading up creative 5G and immersive XR production strategies with ViacomCBS.

Muki is also the Innovation Co-Lead and Executive XR Producer for the IBC Accelerators Media Innovation Programme R&D consortiums, which in December showcased several media ‘world firsts’ with her core focus on 5G LBXR, 3D Real-Time Game Engine/Spatial Design, Immersive Audio, Live Avatar Animation and two other 5G-focussed projects covering Live Sports, and Remote/Virtual Production.

We will be joined by various guests in the session including Steven Hartley, Senior Marketing Consultant at Huawei, Marco Dias Silva - Edge Computing Ecosystem Manager at Vodafone Group, Rishi Kapoor from Paus TV and Dines from Studio Blup to talk about the future landscapes.

Jan 18, 2022 10:00 AM in London

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