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Conscious Connected Breathwork Session With Kat
I'm thrilled that you will be joining me for a conscious connected breathwork session. Breathwork offers the capability to switch off the monkey mind that controls so much of how we see and experience the world. When we shut off the noise, we are able to feel into our bodies and notice things from a different, fresh perspective.

By rapidly oxygenating the body, we can increase blood flow and activate the sympathetic nervous system. This allows us to dive deep into our bodies, move stuck energy, and release stored emotions and deep-seated trauma. The session will be held online, via Zoom, and will consist of the following:

- 10-15 minutes to ground, find our presence, and go through the breathing techniques and what to expect.
- A 30-minute breathwork session to a curated playlist.
- 10-15 minutes to share experiences afterwards or ask any questions.

Make sure you find a comfortable, quiet space to join from, bring a blanket and pillow, some headphones, and a glass of water. Open yourself up to the possibilities for the session, but leave any expectations behind. Please also ensure that if you have any of the following medical conditions that you take responsibility for your health, are properly resourced to attend, and have consulted your medical professional to confirm the viability in attending.

- Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, or psychosis
- Epilepsy
- Heart conditions
- Delicate pregnancy
- High/very low blood pressure with a fainting history
- Recent major surgery

Even though you have been accepted as a participant, you are responsible for any consequence resulting from this breathwork session. Your attendance at this session is not a substitute for consulting your GP or medical care provider, and I am not a healer or healthcare professional.

I look forward to leading you in the breathe.
This time is for you and only you, so I invite you to prepare for it with reverence. Contact me with any questions.

Much love,
Kat xx

Nov 15, 2022 07:00 PM in London

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