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Letting Go Group Session and Meditation
What to expect at the letting go and meditation sessions:

The facilitator starts by asking what it is that is significant these days in one's life. It may be wants, desires, goals, suffering, or discomfort. Then one participant volunteers to work directly with the facilitator.

As the unfolding with the active participant starts to reveal attachments and aversions, one is invited to letting go of them.

The other participants, including the facilitator, share with the active person attractors, limits, positionalities, programs, resistance. While one is letting go, all could choose to let go, and by Grace of the Lord, healing may arise subject to karma.

Sometimes in 40 minutes, three persons manage to work directly, sometimes less. After the individual work, we all go through a meditation where the participants could continue to seek the Grace of the Lord.

Feel free to participate when you want, stay even for 1 minute and leave when you want.
Please choose only one meeting to attend.
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