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theJuggl: Interactive Workshop w/Ashley Wick - Claim Your Genius - Living in Your Zone of Genius: A simple path to leading a purposeful life
Want to reconnect with what you are uniquely meant to do in this life? Are you ready to reclaim your energy and unlock your potential? What would be possible if you spent more time doing the things you daydream about? What if you aligned your next career step with your innate talents rather than trying to fit yourself into a prescribed role?
In this workshop, you are invited to put the “I should…” and “I have to…” aside and let your natural gifts determine where to focus. You will learn a simple formula to identify your Zone of Genius and what’s possible when you spend more time living in it.
Your Genius is a north star that will guide you to your most fulfilling “work”, so you can make the biggest impact in your life and in service of others. Expect to walk away from this interactive conversation feeling more confident and inspired to do more of what you uniquely do best.    
*Important note: for those who question whether they have a Genius, YOU do. Everyone has Genius inside them. We are unbelievably powerful, and capable of so much more than we realize. In each of us, it’s just waiting to be unleashed. Yours is too!
The INGENIUS LIFE workshop:
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Nov 9, 2022 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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