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PA CEC Never Stop Learning Series Schwartz and Coffin
Meeting Kids Where They Are: Putting Theory Into Practice
Presented by: Brianna Coffin and Rachel Schwartz

The field of Applied Behavior Analysis prioritizes the use of our scientifically validated concepts and makes them practical for everyday life. The term “Applied” in the title refers to that process!nWe apply our interventions to help create positive change for the people we serve.
Understandably, the same interventions that create positive change in a research setting can become more complicated or difficult to implement in the real world. We recognize this as one of many challenges facing teachers, parents, and clinicians as they try to integrate ABA strategies into their daily lives.
The purpose of this talk is to create a dialogue about what ABA looks like in the real world.
Using the ACT Matrix, we can explore how ABA is helpful and important for the people we serve. We can examine the barriers that show up and get in the way of us using ABA effectively. Finally, we can provide examples of ABA strategies that we have used effectively, even during
complicated real-life scenarios (e.g., pairing, shaping skill deficits, reinforcement of functional communication, providing choices while also maintaining rules and safety limits).
At the end of the presentation, we would like participants to be able to:
1. Identify how ABA can be helpful or important to them.
2. Identify common barriers to using ABA consistently or effectively.
3. Identify at least 1 ABA strategy that they might be able to use more
consistently or effectively in the future.

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Nov 15, 2022 06:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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