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How to Understand the Israeli Business Culture with Arona Maskil
Join us for an interactive and eye-opening presentation on understanding the Israeli culture and how it differs from your respective cultures.
Thomas Friedman said, “The World Is Flat.” Tech advances have shortened the distance between countries, businesses, and employees, and while globalization has increased cross-cultural interactions, it has not created a one-world culture. The ability to manage and leverage specific cultural differences plays a significant role in becoming a successful global citizen.

Each culture has its unique values, beliefs, and paradigms, and these differences are often invisible until there is a problem. We might find that we have offended someone, misunderstood instructions, or unintentionally broken with the protocol. This can result in lost opportunities and trust.
Cultural Competency starts with creating awareness of subtle differences and how to navigate them successfully. Whether you communicate via text, voice, video, or in-person, if you want to build rapport and avoid conflict across cultures, it is essential to develop Cultural Competency.

Arona is a cross-cultural business consultant, trainer, and mentor with extensive experience in U.S., Israeli, and global business cultures. American by birth, Israeli by choice, and Finnish at heart, she helps people close the gap between cultures so they can work together more efficiently. Arona specializes in cross-cultural and global team-building with over 25 years of experience in culturally related issues.

Feb 13, 2023 08:00 PM in Jerusalem

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