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EAYW. 2nd Webinar - Recognizing larger trends, seeing interconnections with Youth Work
The second webinar is part of the European Academy of Youth Work webinar series.
During this webinar we will look at trends in society and youth. We'll explore how these trends influence and can be influenced by youth work.

Our webinar guest is Mr. Peter Merry from the online Ubiquity University, where he is overseeing learning and innovation for change-makers; combining learning and social innovation, informed by an integral perspective and game design. Peter is also developing immersive virtual reality possibilities.

Moments of exchange among participants will allow to draw on the reflections of the first webinar, Peter Merry's presentation and the experiences of you and the other participants from the youth work community of practice, on questions such as:
- How ready are we to zoom out and recognise these larger trends?
- Most of the time, we might not aware of these trends. What are the consequences of that?
- How do we see youth work moving forward and responding to these trends? What are the consequences of not responding to these trends?

We'll be starting with some optional body, mind and soul - activities at 9.30; the programme of "Recognizing Larger Trends - Seeing Interconnections with Youth Work" will start at 10.00 CET.

The first 25 minutes are aimed at preparing ourselves for a good online learning moment by awakening our body, our senses and our mind. They may include gentle stretching exercises, meditation, movement or breathing practices.

We welcome all participants that are professionals (including volunteers!) in youth work or in a field related to it.
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