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Manual Source Code Review on WordPress Plugins | Payatu
Speaker Bio:

Sanjay Das(p3n7a90n) is a security consultant at Payatu. His major skills lie in Web and API Penetration Testing, Source code review, and Developing web applications.

He likes to deep dive into applications and has reported critical vulnerabilities in a variety of programs and projects. 

In his free time, he likes to analyze new CVE's, develop CTF challenges, and review open-source applications. He has contributed web and Source code review challenges to Winja CTF, Payatu Hiring CTF, etc. 

He has recently reviewed various WordPress plugins manually and reported vulnerabilities to different plugins with an average installation base of over 1 million. He has also contributed Semgrep WordPress plugin rules to the Semgrep registry.

Webinar Summary:

This webinar will focus on reviewing the WP Plugins manually. We will discuss some of the interesting CVEs that we reported while reviewing different plugins like WP All Export Pro, Elementor, Anywhere Elementor, etc. We have contributed Semgrep rules for WP Plugins and will discuss how to use these rules to ease the review. 

Webinar Outcome:

You will be comfortable reviewing any WP plugins or at least be able to analyze the security standard of the plugin quickly.

Feb 17, 2023 03:00 PM in India

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