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NOW ON YOUTUBE::: "Future Mindset" webinar and meeting with Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Live on Youtube January 7 2022 7pm CET
This is free event for all of Gerd's followers, the subscribers of and readers of

First, there will be a 10-12 minute presentation by Gerd, on The Future Mindset see followed by 30 minutes open mic / q&a / discussion. for all new subscribers::)

FINAL UPDATE: We have now moved this to Youtube to enable a larger audience, practice the built-in chat / comment interactions and test our new live-streaming setup with the YoloLiv Pro Box:).

All you need to do is to go to and hit the NOTIFY ME bell (and subscribe, of course, as well:), and return approx 5-10 minutes before showtime i.e. 7pm CET.  If you want to ask questions via YT you must of course be logged-in:). 

PS: if for some reason the link does not seem to work (one never knows for sure with all that new tech we're trying:) please just go to my Youtube home page, videos and 'upcoming live streams'  and it should be easy to find there

Questions will be taken via Youtube comments and on twitter @gleonhard. You can also email audio & video questions to if you want - but keep it short please and include a very short comment who you are:) THANKS
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