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How to be your company’s Chief Futures Thinking Officer
There are too many business school case studies on companies that ‘almost’ got it right but missed the next big thing. There are too many examples of organisations with good strategy, good products, good people, who fail to read the future properly and they fail, no matter how big they are.

There is no need for all these failures, for the profit losses and job losses.
No matter what kind of an organisation you are in, futures thinking skills can be learned and applied to decision making and policy development, to product design and marketing and PR concepts. Futures thinking is relevant in the finance department as well as in HR and essential in managing the supply chain.

There should be a position in every company called the ‘Chief Futures Thinking Officer’. This person should not be the one doing all the thinking about the future, but should ensure that all leaders and influencers in the organisation are equipped with the tools and models to make better decisions.

Imagine being able to make plans for the future with a higher level of confidence that they will work out rather than become irrelevant. Imagine drafting strategies that are realistic, robust and can withstand all the crises newspaper headlines scare us with. Imagine not having to retool plans, processes and values every time a new issue becomes a hot topic.

In this webinar we will look at:
Examples of companies that went wrong when they failed to this
Examples of good futures thinking strategies
A few models that can be used immediately in your organisation
Ways to apply futures thinking to your different departments or different functions

Whether you are in senior leadership, team leadership or running your own business as a solo-entrepreneur, this webinar will give you actionable steps to prepare for the future, today.

May 11, 2023 09:00 AM in Johannesburg

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