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Faith Lutheran Worship - Shared screen with speaker view
Faith Lutheran
Let us bring on the pies and offers! Love close captioning!
Sandi Dexter
I know. All thru service. Wonder if a better option is available.,
barb S
The audio seems a little more echoey or something recently than it used to be. Piano sounds fine, but the spoken words are a bit muffled. Maybe placement of the laptop?
Faith Lutheran
I thought sound was now coming directly from the sound system so maybe that setting needs adjusted. I find it hard to understand especially when I'm away from my desktop speakers.
Faith Lutheran
Yes I noticed that too. It seems that the audio set-up was maybe a bit different. - Tiffany
I also had trouble picking up all the spoken words.
barb S
The way we can hear the congregation, I think the laptop mike must be right by someone in the pews. Barb/me
Faith Lutheran
Yes I agree. I will f/u on this after service. Re: the closed captions - I think if the audio clarity improves, the captions should be more consistent. Other option is for someone to type them out in real time. Thanks everyone!
Audio settings may need to be adjusted for suppressing background noise
Wendelin & Sarafina (she/her)
Yes, we had to try a few different sound set ups trying to hear words as clearly as possible - but still missed a good deal.
Estelle Morley
Thanks to all for another beautiful and inspiring worship service! Love and Blessings to all!