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Committee for Melbourne Forum - Great gas conundrum: How Victoria can transition from natural gas - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi Richard, why do you think that green Hydrogen has a bigger future than Biomethane?
Peter O'Rourke
As a general matter, how big is bottled gas use in Victoria, as a percentage of total gas use in the state? And also as a percentage of the total Victorian gas market? I ask as those of the main gas supply lines are dependant on gas tanks for some or more residential use. How might this segment of the market transition? Thank you.
To all panelists, I represent several large industrial consumers of natural gas on CO2 reduction activities. This is our hardest energy stream to decarbonise. What are your thoughts to best pursue this in the current climate to achieve both decarbonisation and remain cost competitive?
Richard Bolt, Nous Group
Hi Scott - the potential capacity of renewables is, on all information I have, much higher than bioenergy. That doesn't mean no role for bioenergy, but it looks more supplementary than central to future energy supply.
Martine Letts, CEO, Committee for Melbourne
Elissa's presentation will be made available-we will send to you in post event email. Thank you Elissa!
Hugh Gleeson
Picking up on the position that hydrogen is a 100% or 0% call, can you give us a better understanding of the (potentially insurmountable) hurdles to 100% hydrogen.