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Amtrak Vacations & Railbookers - 2022 Traveler Showcase - Shared screen with speaker view
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Thank you again for joining us this morning! If you have any questions, feel free to use this chat box to enter in your questions. We will answer questions at the end.
Brent Richardson
What is the age demographic of most rail tours?
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Great question, Brent! I personally believe that train travel with Amtrak Vacations is truly for everyone. Some journeys are better suited for families than others, but I will make sure Tyler talks about this in more detail at the end.
Barb Jennings-Garant
southern part of us and Europe
Janice Cornelius
What if neither of the party of 2 can climb up to the bunk?
Brent Richardson
Rookie question... how fast do the trains go when site seeing? Do they slow down if there is a site to see?
Lucianne Phillips
Is there an AAA discount for travel?
Barb Jennings-Garant
it was great hearing from Daniel luke about how you can customize, he seems very knowledgeable