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Behavioral Health County & Tribal Planning Grant: RFA Informational Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Patti Wagonhurst
Are private non-profit, FQHCs eligible to apply?
TECH | Zach
We do have live captions available for today's session. You can access those in a browser window by clicking the following link: https://www.captionedtext.com/client/Event.aspx?CustomerID=1613&EventID=4934812
TECH | Toni
If you have questions for our presenters, please use the Q&A Box we will also answer any tech support questions ther eas well.
Baljit Hundal
can we get a copy of the powerpoint?
TECH | Zach
You may access the captions in the Zoom room as well by going to the bottom tool bar and selecting the Live Transcript button and turning on subtitles.
Lynn Dolce
Can this grant be used to improve existing brick and mortar buildings that need to be upgraded to meet the demands of the community?
Bernold Pollard
Can we submit 2 applications for 2 different scopes of work?
TECH | Toni
Just a friendly reminder, we are taking questions from the Q&A box, questions are still coming in so if you have a question, please post it there so we can do our best to get to it!
TECH | Toni