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Keynote: Reimaging Community Health with Tribes - Shared screen with speaker view
Shannon Bacon
We received one question asking for a definition of BIPOC. BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. More information here https://www.ywcaworks.org/blogs/ywca/fri-01152021-1332/why-we-use-bipoc
Shannon Bacon
CHRs in tribal communities would be a very comparable role to the CHWs that many SD health centers are looking at integrating. We can learn lots from the CHRs in our region :)
From many years of working at Rosebud as a medical provider in the IHS, I found that the two most important predictors of improved medical outcomes were developing a trust/respect relationship (I am interested in and care about your health and welfare and value your input to potential solutions to the health problems faced) with the patient along with actively doing inventory of what social determinants in their lives (safe places to exercise, access to quality food, major emotional stresses in the family setting, untreated behavioral health issues, etc.) might interfere with their execution of a care plan. If I give a patient a task to complete without understanding the impossibility of completing the task in their home/community, they will likely agree to complete it out of respect for the knowledge of the medical provider and then carry the guilt of not completing it or never return to see the provider again. DL
Shannon Bacon
Thank you for sharing these insights, Dr. Lehmann!
Susan Thompson
Dr. Kipp, Thank-you so much for your presentation, I look forward to learning more from you in the future.
Shannon Bacon
CHAD will be offering a 4-part virtual Native American Cultural Learning Series in November and December. This will include content related to integration of traditional healing. Registration details will be sent out soon, so watch for that in your email or email shannon@communityhealthcare.net if you’d like more information.
Lindsey Karlson