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One Day Liquor License Open House - Shared screen with speaker view
Dee Daryl
Homeowner “XY” is having an event in their spacious backyard located in Dorchester, MA. The backyard can comfortably hold 61 guests. They decide to sell alcohol to guests who agree to purchase and drink responsibly. Do they need a special one-day entertainment license?
Dee Daryl
Are these rules codified somewhere?
Tara Davis
Is a one day license needed to host a paid wine tasting event in someone's private home; all attendees 21 and over ?
Delhia Emanuel
A rum from Aruba https://papiamentorum.com/ plans to organize a rum tasting event in Jamaica Plain in August. This event is planned at an established café in JP. The rum is distributed in the USA but not Massachusetts. The reason for this tasting event is to introduce the rum to rum aficionados in Boston. Any red flags with the proposed event?
Dee Daryl
I have a concern (it is a personal one) as I do not feel as though some of the partner agencies are completely familiar with how these licenses work. From your seat, it sounds simple and inviting but the BPD tends to make things a bit difficult. Do you offer these trainings to the community officers?
Temple Gill
Can you all speak a bit more about how it works if we're applying for a long-term license, but also need one day licenses in the meantime?
Temple Gill
Got it - thank you. And hi!
Dee Daryl
I’d love to invite you all to the gathering of 61 guests in the spacious backyard, but it will cause the count to go to 66 and then I would spill onto the public street which means a special one-day entertainment license -_-. SO let me know if any of you really want to attend and I will cut down on the pre-registered responsible drinkers ;).. This was very informational so thank you!
Kara Elliott-Ortega
I’m also interested in the rum tasting if we can get details on that :)
Dee Daryl
Side: Do private ways require street closing permits?
J Longo
Thank you, all! This was helpful!!
Daniel Lander
Kashawn Birch
Very informative. Thank you!
Tara Davis
Thank you all so much for the information and your time.
Temple Gill
Thank you all so much! Thanks for working to say yes - that's wonderful!
Phyllis Smith
Thank you all for your time!