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UMG Networking Event and AGM 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jen Ridding (she/her)
Thanks for sharing :) The exhibition looks so engaging, love the design. Brilliant that you linked to engagement in your café too. Q- Did you calculate/message the footprint of the exhibition? Were visitors interested in finding out about this aspect? And the footprint of the touring too?
Jen Ridding (she/her)
thank you! :)
Jen Ridding (she/her)
Q- both presentations so far have mentioned the importance of positivity- “hope not hopelessness” and “not all doom and gloom”. Is there a running theme here? Is it part of museum’s role to provide positivity, hope and accessible calls to action? Is this what audiences expect or want to see from us? Interesting!
Jen Ridding (she/her)
Thanks Evie and Matt, really interesting project with a simple idea at it's heart. Your presentation explained it all so clearly to someone like me who's not from the scientific community!
Evie Crouch
Love the project sounds so interesting! When was the workshop?
Jen Ridding (she/her)
This sounds like an incredible programme, I want to come along to all these events! Be so interested to hear how it all goes at a future UMG event perhaps. Thanks Sylvia. Words like ”inspire” and “imagine”… it’s positivity again! An interesting thread emerging…
Inspiring projects and programmes… we’ll collate all these and include as case studies on the website. Hoping this is just the start of more collaborative work and collective ambition around this issue.
Jen Ridding (she/her)
Thanks for the fascinating presentation Emma. Such an important and timely issue to grapple with. Great to think about this vital behind the scenes work that doesn’t always get profiled. It’ll be so interesting to see the findings of this project.
Sophie Adamson
Thanks very much Emma - I'll definitely follow your progress.
Harriet Warburton (Oxford GLAM)
Really interesting, thank you Emma. Thanks for the links which I will share with colleagues with sustainability interests
Sue Breakell
We are also experimenting in this way, so maybe I can put our conservator in contact with you to compare notes! (University of Brighton Design Archives)
Jo Elsworth
Likewise, in some of our strong rooms, we have been trialling turning our units off , monitoring the environment in real time and making mechanical adjustments when needed . Happy to talk more too (University of Bristol Theatre Collection)
Emma Shaw MoDA, Middlesex University
To those of you who would like to chat further - pls do email me with your contact details - its good to share...
Harriet Warburton (Oxford GLAM)
Thanks Hannah, this is really interesting. I'd love to hear a bit more about your therapy room and whether it has any of your collections in it?
Emma Shaw MoDA, Middlesex University
Well done on the award! I thoroughly recommend the roots and branch carbon literacy project.
Jen Ridding (she/her)
So inspiring, thanks Hannah. The hub space looks and sounds incredible, can’t wait to visit and hear about how it’s going. Love that you’re thinking of it as an experiment. The Carbon Literacy course is an incredible resource- I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be doing the course in the spring through our Museum Development.
Harriet Warburton (Oxford GLAM)
Thank you for the additional info 🙂
Jen Ridding (she/her)
Thanks to everyone who has shared work today, what a rich and inspiring hour or so!
Tannis Davidson UCL
Thank you so much to all the presenters! Wonderful to hear about your work!
Emma Shaw MoDA, Middlesex University
Thankyou all.