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Person-Centered Communication in Health Care - Shared screen with speaker view
Lindsey Karlson
Welcome everyone - we are so glad you are here!
Tracy Lenz
Working in a small community. Knowing all about your patients is so valuable to be able to treat them as a whole. And allow yourself to be vulnerable with them! They trust you more as they can connect with you!
Jennifer Saueressig
Agreed Tracy!
Jennifer Saueressig
I liked when she said when you ask "How are you?" Be prepared to hear the story and not just ask the question.
Shannon Bacon
I liked that too :)
Kaylyn Grommesh
Asks permission to give advice
Ryan Callahan
Shares her expertise and what she has seen.
Teresa Mead-Hahn
my mic is not working - Teresa
Jennifer Saueressig
Nice! Thank you, makes sense!😁
Shannon Bacon
Thanks to the volunteers!
Barbara Nordquist
Thank you for this workshop. I found it extremely valuable in learning communication techniques....something I believe we call can use and benefit from.
Shannon Bacon
So glad you've found it valuable, Barbara
Barbara Nordquist
all not call, sorry
Jennifer Saueressig
I think motivational interviewing practice is always helpful! This was great thank you!
Teresa Mead-Hahn
I think we try to fill empty spaces with chatter - this is guidelines for opening up conversation with patient
Julie Mackinaw
I will use it doing follow-up calls post ER visits and hospital discharge to clarify if they understand their discharge instructions/ meds. I always end with Is there anything else that I can help you with or any other questions.
Jennifer Saueressig
I can see this very useful with discussing goals for the patients
Tracy Lenz
I think using it for mental health/depression/anxiety. We often ask what is going on, what they currently do for them, offer different methods to work through their challenges, and again ask them what methods they would like to do and if it would be ok that we keep in contact to know that we can follow through with how they are feeling and if they need to add or change their treatment.