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Charting a path towards a prosperous Zimbabwe: What role for South Africa and SADC? - Shared screen with speaker view
Vova Abednigo Chikanda
SADC Poverty Observatory, AU NEPAD, Development Agency, RPTC in Harare, Security Reform, Local Ownership, EU SA Partnership, Gateway for Peace,
Vova Abednigo Chikanda
Thanks Colleagues, Looking forward to further engagement. Have to leave now. Thanks.
Joshua Kibirige
Thank you for this webinar. All the best in the work that you are doing and I look forward to further engagements.
Mlingane Poswayo
Thank you very much for this excellent discussion. Till next time.
Junior Ngulube
Look forward to receiving a copy of the draft
Mlingane Poswayo
I look forward to receiving the draft.