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Getting to The Point: A Conversation between The Point Resort owner Laurie Lapeyre and James Beard Award-winning author Karen Page - Shared screen with speaker view
Ilene Wachs
Looks amazing all round!!
marsha dubrow
Have known about The Point for years, but never heard and saw the up close and personal relating. Looks fabulous!
Richard Willett
Rich and I spent my birthday there in 2021 and loved it. Linda Willett
Rita Crotty
I have know Laurie since we both volunteered at our daughters' school several years ago. So nice to see her again.
Ilene Wachs
How much time do you end up spending on-site at The Point as an owner?
marsha dubrow
Given that the immediate previous owner had a different business model, did you have to recruit a lot of new staff? What was your strategy for building the staff team?
If my husband and I want a romantic weekend and we do not like to eat in our room, will we be able to go to the dining room and eat our meals alone?
marsha dubrow
Also, how do you creatively entertain guests when the weather is bad?
Barbara Colwell
My family had a home on Saranac Lake and they were wonerful years. Ice skating, tobogganing. Are there still tons of black black flies in june?
marsha dubrow
Do you ask guests in advance if they have any food allergies or are vegetarians or have some particular food desires? How many menu options are there for guests at different mealtimes given that the eating is communal?
Susan Bird
My husband John and I spent our first “overnight” at the Point before we got married a year later. His coming up with that idea was a big influence…After a weekend at the Point I knew he was a keeper for sure!
Richard Willett
Rich wanted a club sandwich for lunch every day and they accommodated him every day. Linda Willett
Pamela Craig
I have always wanted to go to The Point. Such a great memorable name. Thank you Laurie for bringing it to life. And thank you Karen for crafting the idea of sharing. Now it is a must!!!!
Ilene Wachs
Thanks so much. The Point is now on my list!
Pamela Craig