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Meeting the digital skills challenge - Shared screen with speaker view
Kate Spencer
Patrick - you mentioned the scenario where there are people with tech qualifications who are not able to get work. Any insights into why that is the case? Are there additional skills that they are missing to enter the tech workforce, and/or is there a bias or other issues in the recruitment pathways to fill those roles?
Event Support - Jess
Here's the link to nbn's Online Skills And Capability Resource Tool for those interested: Take the OSCAR survey today.
Patrick Kidd | Digital Skills Org
Kate -thanks for the question. Hard to answer in a evidential way. The large companies are well set and well organised. Their pipelines of talent are resourced and established. But the majority of employers are medium and small and find it much harder to invest in digital/tech talent. They don't have the time - they cant pay the salaries., So much of this is about behaviour and education.
Event Support - Jess