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Yorkshire Funders Online Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Carla Marshall
Hi everyone. I will send out the presentations and video this afternoon.
Rob Billson- Calderdale
by "charities" do you mean just registered charities, not CiCs, unincorporated organisations etc?
Nickie Prior, Wharfedale Foundation
Have you any recent examples from around the UK of small charities successfully merging to save overhead costs and achieve economies of scale?
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
Hi Rob, the Almanac doesn't include CICs or unincorporated orgs, so we know that our data doesn't reflect all types of voluntary action. Sadly, we're limited a lot by the data from the Charity Commission.
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
Hi Nickie, anecdotally we hear of some mergers and that should always remain an option for organisations. But we don't look at mergers in the Almanac.
Nickie Prior, Wharfedale Foundation
Thank you
Carla Marshall
So would you suggest the next financial year is a key period for funders to give out more funds than in recent years if they can?
Debby Burman
I think that the public are also, rightly giving money to Ukraine and this is going to impact on our income.
Kaye, Wharfedale Foundation
as funders we can only give more if investment income increases - can you see what the trend in this might be
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
Bigger organisations have benefited more from public giving than small - something that we're working with the government on (trying to encourage the public to give locally and to small orgs).
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
It's a good point, Kaye. Sadly, for most investments, the trend is downwards particularly with volatility in financial markets.
Carla Marshall
Really important to make sure your investment strategy is giving the best returns, and/or perhaps look at changing funding criteria so focus on a smaller area or smaller number of issues?
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
I think that's definitely an option, Carla.
Rob Billson- Calderdale
Investment policy is not always dictated by a best return basis, for many Community Foundations there is now green/environmental basis for investment, which is about trying to achieve carbon emissions reduction. This means that investment portfolios no longer invest in e.g. fossil fuel companies.
Kath Lindley
The message that has come out of our research in the Wakefield district is that many VCSE organisations want to collaborate, as they know that this would strengthen and improve their offer, but don't do it. The norm is to work informally with each other and they have told us they haven't got the support to move them into more formal collaborations / partnerships, where they could look at capacity building in its widest sense, including shared costs, etc
Kath Lindley
I meant to add that they also told us they felt they might be taken more seriously and better understood by the statutory sector, if there was more collaboration, coalitions, etc
Carla Marshall
Interesting work Kath. Need more charities/groups to come to us and ask for funding to support these collaborations, and for us to encourage them to ask.
Shahed Molvi Leeds CF
We find the support and capacity building for smaller groups is of equal or great value than cash
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
As Small Charities Coalition has now closed, this learning report talks more about how funders can support small orgs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LdDwcbFTMjn3s8dwvKNAtB4yLamcDPM3EOzF-hLJH_Y/edit
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
I agree Tony! Much of the research through the pandemic shows exactly this. Fewer dissolutions, increased workforce, and shifting volunteering patterns. But this isn't universal.
Rob Billson- Calderdale
Some VCSE organisations who do have debt, there are some who have social investment loans. At CFFC we give small loans, interest free, only a few at a time and for very specific criteria, but these do work.
Matt Wright
Thanks Tony. The reports were a fascinating insight for me. Certainly in Hull I am worried about VCSE resilience especially with so many larger funders reviewing there own strategies.
Alex Farrow, NCVO, he/him
Thanks for having me this morning. I'm afraid I can't stay for the second hour, but thanks for the comments and questions. Oliver will be staying and so can answer any more questions from our presentation. Thanks again!
Rachel Burnett - CFFC
Thanks so much. Very interesting this morning. Apologies I have to leave for my next meeting but looking forward to the next meeting.
Kaye, Wharfedale Foundation
Missed out would be really useful to look at reviewing grant making criteria - many funders closed for a little while to review this, especially as given funding up front for covid emergency funding and stepping back to review
Carla Marshall
Thanks for coming Rachel!
Kaye, Wharfedale Foundation
yes agree move to more funding for skilling groups up not just projects
Stefanie Underhill
Great session, thanks all! :)
Harriet Johnson - Two Ridings Community Foundation
Great meeting today. Lots to think about and consider. Thank you to all the organisers and facilitators.
Betty Callaghan
Really useful, thanks everyone!
Shahed Molvi Leeds CF
Would welcome the recording Carla
Matt Wright
Thanks all
Sharon Orr
Thanks everyone!
Carla Marshall
Thanks all for coming!
Shahed Molvi Leeds CF
Kath Lindley
great session, thank you