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Nonspeaking Autism: It's not what you may think! | Part 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Susie Olson Corgan
Underestimated: An Autism MiracleBy: JB & Jamison Handleyhttps://www.amazon.com/Underestimated-Autism-Miracle-Childrens-Defense/dp/1510766367/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=underestimated+an+autism+miracle&qid=1625707463&sr=8-1
Dawnmarie Gaivin
To answer one of the questions I saw earlier S2C is an effective methodology for nonspeakers, minimal speakers, and unreliable speakers. So the individual doesn’t need to be entirely nonspeaking to benefit from it. If speech is not the person’s most effective method of communication it is worth pursuing.
Thomas Moran
Also encourage folks to check out MyGuide, created by an individual with Autism - https://mpm.care/myguide-care/
Eileen Mckeating
The ABA machine is so powerful, and so misguided and harmful.
Ellen Alexander
EV learned to use the letter board and how to use it from Soma at Halo-Soma.org. Our son started RPM at the age of 40 which was 12 years ago. It has totally changed his life just like JB said.
Ellen Alexander
It is a valuable topic that is so difficult to overcome bc professions have invested years in learning ABA and refuse to realize it’s all wrong.
Ellen Alexander
Anne Donnellan talked about behaviors being a form of communication in the 1970’s. It has taken all these years for more people to understand this.
Ellen Alexander
JB is a great spokesperson. Thanks!
Elizabeth Bonker
This is Ginnie, Elizabeth Bonker's Mom. Elizabeth wrote about her "silent cage" a decade ago in "I Am in Here." Elizabeth is now a senior in college. All our kids are capable learners.
Colleen Foti
Thank You Jamie
Erin Hutchens
I have followed JB for years & read the book as soon as it came out. Within 2 weeks, I wasdriving my non speaking 6 year old to ATL for S2C...he’s doing AMAZING with his spelling & amazes me daily!! I had NO idea he could spell, nor that he was receptive to much of anything. He’s all there and he’s brilliant. I am about to start training to be a practitioner because we have none close to here...and because I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than giving this gift to others. it’s been an amazing roller coaster & I could not recommend this more. Thank you Jamie and JB for changing our lives!!!
Shirley Gaw
What is your opinion on AAC? My daughter is verbal to needs and wants but we wanted to increase her core vocabulary so her SLP is using the Proloquo2Go with her now.
Murray John
Is there an audio version of this book I am dyslexic and have a hard time reading but I’m fully functional adult
Maurine Meleck
Thank you J.B., Jamie, and Wendy. Wonderful.
Tracy Ligtenberg
Thank you !
Mitchel Job
Peggy Nzomo
Thank you!