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Great Decisions 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Matthew Hall
Can everybody please make sure your mics are on mute. Thanks!
Michael Allen
As you have questions or comments, feel free to post them here or directly to me. We'll have time at the end to further the discussion.
sharad maheshwari
Good morning,Why USA is the only significant nation with major political opposition of climate change science hence a viable resistance to policies changes related to climate?
Matthew Hall
The topic of 'geoengineering' projects (such as emission of chemicals into atmosphere to reflect sunglight) as a mitigation tool tends to make scientists, in my experience, very uncomfortable. Shouldn't we be talking about them more since we are way behind the curve and, eventually, somebody, somewhere is going to try them out unless we speed up our efforts dramatically?
Julian Reyes
More information on the USDA Climate Hubs: https://www.climatehubs.usda.gov/
Regina Karp
Question for Dr.Reyes. You spoke if a whole of government approach. That requires a functioning interagency approach where the record is less than stellar. How confident are you that tackling climate change will get the cooperation across agencies it needs?
Michael Allen
Master Plan Explorer: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/9e32e928ed304fa98518b71905e43085
Matthew Hall
What are your thoughts on the ability of democracies to effectively address mitigation and adaptation? Does the transparency and responsibility to the electorate outweigh the political gridlock common (arguably increasingly common) in democratic states?
Isaiah Williams
Recently President Biden passed his Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This law includes efforts to reduce carbon emissions and increase clean energy in the environment through methods such as a network of EV charging stations and EV school buses. What additional actions do you believe should have been taken to reduce climate change? How effective do you believe the introduction of this law will be in the future?
Regina Karp
Question for Dr. Whitehead. What is ODU’s contribution to creating systemic resilience in Hampton Roads?
Madison Grant
Good morning! What steps do you recommend to encourage climate change awareness and protection on the national level, given that receiving funds is a process that may result in being denied?
Ferryn Diggs
Since there are many local colleges in the Hampton Roads area, do you believe that a climate change program led by a partnership with different schools will better serve the community?
Francisco Coronel
Has the rank in rainiest cities changed in the last 10 years? Some people think that the precipitation of rain is higher in Seattle than in Norfolk? What are the long term consequences?
Michael Allen
@ Francisco: https://www.virginiamercury.com/2021/08/20/yes-virginia-we-are-seeing-more-and-more-intense-rainfall/
Lee Lohman
China is estimated to emit 27 percent of the world’s air pollution. The U.S. is second with 11 percent. India is the third at 6.6 percent. China’s annual air pollution is growing. So, is India’s. The EPA notes that U.S. air pollution has declined 78 percent since 1970--and continues to decline. The same is true of EU countries and Japan. It appears that pollution will trend upward over the next 28 years regardless of what the developed nations do. Does this argue for a major effort to develop technology to decarbonize the world’s atmosphere?
Julio Felix
You were talking about how Heat is able to change the density of the ocean. The ocean will also become more acidic because of the constant heat hitting the ocean. Meaning it will be less safe to eat pescatarian dishes in the future. Since hampton roads has a strong relationship with these dishes How do you see this change effecting Hampton Roads ability to procure food?? As well as take jobs away from people who make a living off of getting seafood like fishermen??
Regina Karp
When discussions ab out clim ate change first started, one if the biggest problems was how scientific projections are communicated to affected communities. We have come a long way but where in your opinion, does more work need to be done to get the science on people’s breakfast tables?
Raichelle Smith
What are your thoughts on why solar geoengineering research is so controversial?
Robert Bennett
Do you see a continuous increase in climate initiatives, especially when dealing with things like the demand/use of fossil fuels still around today? What do these initiatives look like to help us take the next step?
Julian Reyes
Regina, your question is critical - and this is why we have climate service organizations like the NOAA RISAs, USDA Climate Hubs, extension, etc - they help to translate complex information including climate projections to what can be "useful, usable, and used" by communities.
Julian Reyes
on geoengineering, the IPCC WGIII report will be coming out soon and address that: https://www.ipcc.ch/report/sixth-assessment-report-working-group-3/
Michael Allen
Speaker contact information: https://www.climatehubs.usda.gov/hubs/people/julian-reyes
Michael Allen
Richayla Smith
How can a climate change agenda be institutionalized within the local government system?
Julian Reyes
Jess said it so succinctly!
Regina Karp
Complex topics. What is the one critical dimension you would single out that we must get right?
Regina Karp
Excellent panel. Thank you both for being with us today!
Matthew Hall
Thank you everybody!!!
Julian Reyes
Wide ranging questions! :)
Jess Whitehead, ODU (she/her)
Great questions everyone and such good discussion on a Saturday morning!
Francisco Coronel
Thank you.