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Faith Lutheran Worship - Speaker view
Faith Lutheran
Announcement was to pray for Margie roe's brother wade who was in a bad car accident. Also, a correction on which publication was written at Holden. It was not Manna and Mercy but a work on baptism.
God's Peace Everyone
Heidi Renz
Thank you, Pastor Mary, for inviting us to sing ”I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” This is a wonderful song that we can sing throughout our lives.
Estelle Morley
What a wonderful and inspiring sermon and worship service! Thank you one and all. Re: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" My professor at LBI wrote that song while he was a missionary in Tanzania. It has been translated into many languages and one can hear it sung by Christians around the world.
Wendelin (she/her)
Wow, how cool Estelle :-)
Estelle Morley
Professor C. Walden Hedman.
Faith Lutheran
feel free to unmute for a little social hour