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Cyclones: Rising Intensity, Impact & Risk - Shared screen with speaker view
Lim Chee Hong
On the parametric solutions, has there been cases where the client is caught by surprise on the expected claim quantum i.e. much lower sum paid than expected? Also in terms of the speed of settlement, is it really much superior than the traditional indemnity insurance settlement?
Justin Price
Is there common risks that Parametric cover simply will not cover i.e. known flood areas.
Arti Kumar
How is parametric insurance priced ?
Nikki Berney
have you done anything in New Zealand?
Lim Chee Hong
How do we go about accounting for the impact of climate change in our pricing with the increasing frequency and severity in order to be able to price adequately and at the same time price ourselves out of market?
Lim Chee Hong
"not" price ourselves out of market - miss out that not
Justin Price
Is the onus on the Broker to present risk exposure i.e. respective stats / claims or the Insurer? If the Broker is relied on then does that not open the Broker to a PI claim for non-disclosure of risk? Hence assume onus is with the Insurer to verify..
Can parametric coverage be offered for Act of God Perils as a bundle? Eg: Contractors faces various AOG exposure simultaneousl.?
Rayden Soh
For a traditional Property insurance policy that excludes Nat Cat exposures, does loss/damage cover due to heavy wind and rain ends when the wind speed exceeds 125km/h? Just wondering if there is a clear boundary on this.
Nikki Berney
NZ Risks have they been looked out
Ian Jones
Great info guys