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Nature-based solutions implementation - Learning from the GrowGreen cities - Shared screen with speaker view
hi Ignacio,the experience of green roofs is very interesting. I wonder if in the Spanish climate you have found problems with their maintenance? I guess you have provided irrigation systems? hello Adelio from Modena
Dave Barlow - Manchester City Council
Hi Ignacio - has the biodiversity app been well used, and is it replicable for other communities to use and record nature? and how is that biodiversity information being used?
Dave Barlow - Manchester City Council
Hi Adelio - heres a great video on a smart green roof that senses a storm coming, and captures the water for irrigation..I’ve attached a link to the video that shows the construction of the roof.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG9e-EeU39A&t=2s
HI Dav .. how are you? hope all is well with you in england! Thanks for the link .. really useful!It is appreciable to be able to assign to the green roof, in addition to the function of insulation against the temperature, also the fundamental function of storing water reserves and reducing the flow coefficients of rainwater into the network and consequent reduction of flood flows. Unfortunately this combination of features with us in Italy (for example in cities like Milan) has not yet been fully understood! but slowly we will get there ... the rules on hydraulic invariance is becoming more and more stringent and creating green roofs will be practically mandatory to comply with the imposed requirements! ciao Adelio
Natascha Haus
Magnificent transformation!
Natalia Burgos, Ecologic Institute
A question for Malgorzata: regarding the scaling up of the NbS. Did the process influenced changes in city planning instruments? Or the definition of new policy instruments?
hello molgorzata congratulations for the excellent interventions. just one question ... I remember that you had set the temperature monitoring inside the courtyards ... after 2 years have you observed any improvements between the before and after the treatment?
Ximena Trujillo
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Elena Ricci
Good afternoon everyone, here you can find the eventbrite page for the second webinar of GrowGreen "Nature-based-solutions strategies in GrowGreen cities”:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nature-based-solutions-strategies-in-growgreen-cities-tickets-185608278357
Natalia Burgos, Ecologic Institute
Where can I find the session recording?
Maria Gina Mussini_City of Modena
Thanks to the organisers and speakers for the webinar!
IUCN European Regional Office
We will produce a webstory which will include the recording. you will find it on the GrowGreen website
Natascha Haus
Thank you very much!