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Sharmili Reddy - PDS
Shared governance is not new to NKY. Our organization PDS is a great example in Kenton County of one organization providing planning as well as development services for all 20 cities, overseen by elected officials. Campbell County contracts with us for GIS services. Our community leaders had a vision in the 60's to make this happen. Where do more efficiencies like this exist that we have not tapped into?
Brandon Bray
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
Brandon Bray
It appears that the no vaccination campaign from Covid has had a negative effect on standard vaccinations across the country. What are we doing to get people back to vaccinating?
Brandon Bray
Is there anything specific the schools are doing to get kids involved in the trades? It takes six months to get an electrician, carpenter, or plumber to fix something and it takes six minutes to get a computer fixed.
Sorry I could not be there in person. I tested positive for Covid today.