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HOOAH Award 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
John Kilcoyne | NCoC | he/him
John here with NCoC in Washington, DC!
Jeff Coates
Jeff with NCoC coming in from Mustang, Ok
Lane McLelland
Lane McLelland, Crossroads Civic Engagement Center, The University of Alabama
Erfaan Babak
Erfaan Babak , The Awakening NGO, Pakistan
Maria Gallo CCE
I am with CCE and coming in from So. CA
V Watson
Hi im Veronica! Im with East Tennessee State University's Roan Scholars program, zooming in from a friend's in Knoxville
Emily Kavanagh
Emily Kavanagh, HS SPED Social Studies Teacher, Annapolis, MD
Cheryl Graeve
Hello from Cheryl in Washington DC with NICD
Dave Smith
Dave, X Sector Labs / Major George A. Smith Memorial Fund, Lafayette, CA
Hyunja Norman
Hyunja with Woori Juntos, Houston,TX
Phil Duncan
Phil DuncanNCOC Board memberFalls Church, VA
Shaina Thompson
Shaina Thompson, Roan Scholar at East Tennessee State University
Justin he/him
Justin with CIVX in Tucson AZ
Chris Marvin
Chris Marvin, Honolulu
Sterling Speirn
Sterling Speirn, Former CEO of NCoC and currently Interim CEO of the Maine Community Foundation.
Linda Honold
Linda Honold, Institute for Social Innovation Fellow, Fielding Graduate University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Riley Skaggs
Riley, Roan Scholar from Johnson City
Emily S. Ryan
Emily S. Ryan Portland, OR
Matt Leighninger
Matt Leighnninger, NCoC, joining from Hamilton, Ontario
Joy Fulkerson
Excited to have ETSU students participating in the NCoC Conference. Hi, Riley, Shaina and Veronica.
V Watson
Hello Joy!! <3
John Kilcoyne | NCoC | he/him
Hi, Joy! Thank you for joining us!
Cameron, NCoC, he/him
View the civic health report on Veterans here: https://www.missioncontinues.org/vchi/
Cheryl Graeve
Cheers Dave!!!! Thank you for all your service!
Peter Jesella
As a Vietnam-era veteran who has tracked debate over civic service for 43 years, my question to speakers is there still a divide between military service versus AmeriCorps service? Sad both embrace civic service but rarely join together in respect to each other and collaboration for more constructive civic service education. Senator McCain back in mid-90's disliked President Clinton's new AmeriCorps service institution, until he interacted with Arizona participants and discovered the critical to his experience was teamwork focused on doing a mission. He realized it occur also in AmeriCorps, for those that choose or can not serve in the military. PJ
Dave Smith
Bumping the link for everyone: View the civic health report on Veterans here: https://www.missioncontinues.org/vchi/
Jamie Engel | NCoC
Please drop your questions into the chat so we can address them during the Q+A!
Dave Smith
Question for the panelists: How might Veterans leverage their civic privilege to help unite Americans in common cause? Is community service that uniting call to action? Is getting to know your neighbors? What might break our silos and have us reach out to connect with “the other”?
Cheryl Graeve
+ 1 to Dave's questions!
Mike Kenig, NANR
Sorry if someone already posted... but for those who are interested in engaging in system reform, this group is looking for veterans to be local leaders! https://veteransforpoliticalinnovation.org/
Mike Kenig, NANR
Go to Take Action: Ready Room
Dave Smith
Question: We’ve talked a lot about the role of government and nonprofit organizations in supporting Veterans and encouraging continued service. What might the business sector do to recognize and support Veterans (and national service alumni) and encourage them (and others) to continue to serve our communities?
Jamie Engel | NCoC
Please keep dropping questions in the chat! Thanks!
Cameron, NCoC, he/him
Are there any good examples you can point to for national service programs or initiatives that help veterans transition into civilian service in our communities? Are there programs that you believe could be scaled to help serve more veterans?
Peter Jesella
To Ken & Emily on expanding AmeriCorps, money and political will is critical. Before this can happen what is needed a cost-effective nation-wide, local community dialogue on expanding voluntary AmeriCorps to one-million plus, and is this goal patriotism, civic education/values talks, or evil socialism or bogyman communism. Congress is moving to have in 2023 18 year old young women to join in the male-only draft registration. If this becomes law in Dec., 2022 awareness marketing will occur, but can it also be linked to civic education/values.
Peter Jesella
Can veterans be trained to be sergeants/team leaders/supervisors in AmeriCorps which was a problem in the 1980's with the California Conservation Corps?
Stephen Buckley
@Cheryl -- I worked at both civilian and military agencies .. and the difference was a higher quality of communication within the organization in the military. That is, trust was better because the listening was better.
Dave Smith
The latest Build Back Better proposal has over $15B for CNCS - with a large focus on Climate and making AmeriCorps stipend allow those who serve to have a living wage
V Watson
Thank you all for hosting this and inviting us <3 very insightful conversations!