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Recruit and Retain People of Color in IT - Shared screen with speaker view
Keith Krueger
Good afternoon! Beautiful day in DC. Where are you?
Jill Brown - CoSN
Welcome, please introduce yourself and let us know where you are.
AJ Phillips
AJ Phillips, Director of IT, Manassas VA
Nick Williams
Nick Williams from Columbus, Indiana - Director of Technology for BCSC
Jill Brown - CoSN
Ed Tech Leadership Survey Report https://emma-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/paqab/2ad6dcd4fb0d923337a5a6d6a5344ee0/Survey_Report_2021_Final.pdf
Jill Brown - CoSN
CYBERSECURITY REMAINS EDTECH LEADERS’ NO. 1 PRIORITY IN 2021 --FOCUS ON DIGITAL EQUITY AND ACCESS GROWS https://www.cosn.org/about/news/cybersecurity-remains-edtech-leaders%E2%80%99-no-1-priority-2021-focus-digital-equity-and-access
John Littlefield
There is a lot of back ground noise
Ken Griffin
Can you mute all attendees as someone seems to have an open mic with a lot of background noise
Jill Brown - CoSN
Please mute if you are not already. Thank you.
Jill Brown - CoSN
Alicia can you mute people?
Alicia Robinson
I believe the issue will resolve once Rod is muted after his segment
Alicia Robinson
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Rod Houpe
Switching to phone.....
Jill Brown - CoSN
If you recently joined us, please introduce yourself and let us know where you are.
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey, Technology Director, Edmonds SD near Seattle, WA
Jill Brown - CoSN
If you have questions, please post them here for the Q&A section at the end of Ugbad’s presentation.
Keith Krueger
I hear many school districts say they have a challenge of holding any tech staff given pay differential compared with private sector. that is even more a challenge with retaining IT persons of color. any research on how orgs like school districts can hold on to diverse IT staff when pay may be an issue.
Jill Brown - CoSN
Has anyone here put some procedures in place to begin to break down some of these barriers? If so, what are they?
Nick Williams
We have done some work on talking to different groups to recruit and making sure marketing shows a diverse work population. However, there are some very good actionable items we haven't thought about!
Jill Brown - CoSN
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