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Marin and Sonoma County CARA Action Team: Candidate Forum (Foro de Candidatos) - Shared screen with speaker view
how about cameras at red lights to prevent speed racers running red lights, Racing AND SPEEDING. most without insurance or valid drivers licenses
California Alliance for Retired Americans
Questions submitted via email to hosts: What are your three top legislative priorities? Why are they important to older Californians and Californians with disabilities? What actions would be required?
California Alliance for Retired Americans
2. Do you support efforts to increase funding for essential programs and services for older adults, people with disabilities, and working families by making wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share in taxes?
California Alliance for Retired Americans
3.Do you support moving state resources from long-term care that is provided primarily in nursing homes - to community-based services, such as increased funding for home adaptations, home care, home delivered meal programs, increased paratransit services, community engagement programs, etc.? How would you actively support this change in funding policy at the state level? What kind of citizen support from us do you need to accomplish this?
California Alliance for Retired Americans
4.Many of California’s transit dollars go to road work and car-oriented programs. Many of our state’s older and/or disabled residents can no longer drive and depend on public and paratransit services to get around.Do you support increasing the budget for transportation services for older adults and people with disabilities?Do you support the state adopting a policy that reduces pedestrian deaths to ZERO (known as VISION ZERO)?Many of Marin’s service workers commute from the East Bay made long and difficult due to having just two lanes on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. How will you support Caltrans opening a third lane for westbound East Bay commuters in the morning hours?What would you do to move these and any other transportation policies forward?
California Alliance for Retired Americans
5. Millions of Californians are without access to quality health care. Older adults and others are forced into insurance schemes and managed care plans that have huge premiums, deductibles and co-pays while limiting access to providers.Do you support the work of the Healthy CA Commission and California Legislature taking a deep look into the economics of a single-payer system, debating the merits, and voting on what is currently known as the Healthy California Act.
California Alliance for Retired Americans
6.Our state is facing a housing crisis. 50% of the people entering Marin County’s housing services are over 50. Many older and/or disabled renters can’t afford their homes, especially when their partner dies. Long- time residents are being forced out of their homes, apartments, mobile homes, etc.What will you do to increase the protection of renters so that they can stay in their homes without fear of increasing rents or eviction?What will you do to help older homeowners pay for essential repairs and to make their houses more accessible as they age?What will you do to provide feasibility and funding support to add an accessory dwelling unit for a future caregiver or income?Will you support efforts to increase state funding to build truly affordable, accessible housing (rental and homeownership) for the extremely-low and very-low-income residents of our state?
Gerry La Londe-Berg
? According to the Terner Center on Housing among the Extremely Low Income population people over age 65+ make up 44.7% of the ELI people in Marin and elders are 42.7% of the ELI population in Sonoma County. What are your proposals for these tens of thousands of elders?
California Alliance for Retired Americans
7. Even though the state has seen a growing budget surplus over the last several years due to an improved economy and new, fair taxes for the wealthy, very little of the surplus has gone to programs that serve older adults and people with disabilities – the fastest growing part of our state’s population.Will you support increased funding for services such as In Home Supportive Services, case management services, food programs, Alzheimer’s centers, adult day health programs, emergency services, etc.?Will you support increasing the base grant for SSI/SSP and reinstating the COLA for SSI recipients?Will you support temporary work permits for people who want to be caregivers, but do not have a work permit?
California Alliance for Retired Americans
8. What are the biggest environmental issues facing older and disabled residents in your district?
California Alliance for Retired Americans
9. What will you do to make sure that older adults and people with disabilities are identified and responded to appropriately in emergency disaster situations? (Please consider those with dementia specifically in making your response.)
jan f
What is your view about using some of the surplus to support teachers with low income housing and salary increase?
*Linda Jackson AAI
Please describe your understanding of the intersectionality of ageism, ableism, and other inequities. What do you do to better understand ageism and ableism if these are not part of your identity?
Greg Knell
Thank you Linda Jackson!
California Alliance for Retired Americans
Thank you to all of our candidates who attended this evening!
Paco Melgar
Great forum, thanks so much!
Heidi Mayer
would like the "D' word to be replaced in our vocabulary !! (disabled) !!
Rena Kay
I'd love to hear the candidate's views on the CPUC's proposed new solar tax. Too late during this forum, but I hope they will address this issue during their campaigns.
*Bonnie L Petty
Thanks to all 4 great candidates! We are so lucky in the North Bay to have such a hard decision to find our representative in Sacramento!
*Ida Times-Green
I extend a grateful heart to each of you on this platform. Please feel free to reach out to me at idatimesgreenforassembly@gmail.com. Thank you!
*Sara Aminzadeh
Thank you all! Please feel free to reach out to me, Sara Aminzadeh, 415-794-8422, sara@saraforassembly.com
*Damon Connolly
Check me out at www.damonconnolly.com
*Steve Schwartz
Pat Johnstone