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Workforce Retention and Attraction - Shared screen with speaker view
Natalie Gibson, InnoVisions
welcome back Brad.
Thank you for providing this important backgound, I look forward to the ongoing discussion with all of you - I have to run to another meeting - until next time!
Marie Everts
Thanks for joining us Councillor Nodge
Monica, Pincher Creek
New Comers often come to our organization through a Faith group connection or the Library.
Brad’s iPad
We have a Willow Creek Immigration office in downtown. Claresholm
Brad’s iPad
We have a welcoming Claresholm department with in our town of Claresholm
Stacey Mcrae
Thats great Brad, we could definitely use something like that here. As a once upon a time newcomer, it was incredibly difficult to integrate into the community. As a person not associated through a faith group, it was tricky to find a community of people who would welcome you. Those factors play into retention in a large way. A welcoming group would be huge here.
Monica, Pincher Creek
Adult Learning can provide workshops on topics such as Intercultural Communication, Social Justice, Inclusivity etc. through our partnership with Norquest College. These workshops are available on Zoom at the moment, in -person hopefully by Spring. There is generally very little cost to this training opportunity
Monica, Pincher Creek
We have adopted a strategy where we focus more on objectives, rather then hours spent in the office. This has supported personal time and including space for mental health activities etc.
Natalie Gibson, InnoVisions
That is excellent Monica. Thank you
Marie Everts
Action Team Expression of interest https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SP35KFT
Kat Dinning
thank you!