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The Role of Capacity Management in Organizational Resilience with Maria Darby - Shared screen with speaker view
Debbie McCarthy
Welcome Maria. It is wonderful to have you join us.
Ashley Begley
Thanks again for joining us today! Please leave your questions in the chat box and Maria will address as many as possible at the end of the presentation today.
Kurtiss Wolf
Thanks Maria for joining us! I am curious how we can doa better job of helping our clients "Estimate the amount of remaining enterprise capacity?"
Michelle Malloy
Yes - creating an inventory is massive undertaking! Doing it right now
Hannah Bade
Do you have recommendations on how to create an inventory?
Nicole Steinbach
At one company I consulted with, we started the inventory with the projects/programs/etc that got onto the Executive Council (C-level for global corporate) agenda.It was effective **BUT** it hid a lot of 'ego' and 'personal' projects. How could a team help address that upfront?
Kurtiss Wolf
I love this last point on where senior execs focus should be. One of my favorite CIOs told me that he became a much better CIO when he realized his first focus needed to be the organization and the second was his IT job.
Nicole Steinbach
Kurtiss - that makes me think about Abby Wambach's book Wolfpack, she shares an example from her professional life about realizing it is about the entire org....not one role.
Michelle Malloy
The way we have approached taking our inventory, is we formed a team and we brainstormed every project we could think about. Once we generated this list, we all took ownership of multiple project and reached out to those project leaders. We asked that they submit a form to collect data about their project and inquired if they had other projects we weren't aware of and asked them to submit a form for each. This has led to finding projects that were finished, projects we didn't know about and finding redundant projects. We have been doing this for 7 weeks now. We are nearly finished. However, I must say the 'inventory' will be a live document and collection of projects and data will never end. And, one thing that really helped was to engage our sponsors to communicate about the need to help create this list.
Hannah Bade
Thank you so much!
Ross McKinnon
Question: How do you create a dynamic inventory that updates as projects/dates shift vs. one that is static and quickly out of date? What tools have you used?
Michelle Malloy
Great question, Ross! We have been noodling this one too right now.
Michelle Malloy
Would love to have some ideas as well
Tad Deering
Question for Maria. I have had many conversations with executives about change saturation - using a change dashboard view. Most of the conversations had an acknowledgement that the organization had too much change going on. But I have not been able move beyond understanding and acknowledging to taking action to terminating or delaying. A quote from a CEO, "I know I have too much going on, but there is nothing I can stop." What tactics in your experience have worked to nudge executives to take action about it?
Leia McKinnon
Ross is Leia...for some reason my husband's name loaded in Eventbright. HA!
Evelyn Duberry
any comments on how best to integrate agile investment portfolio mgmnt (assets, projects, program planning) into this capacity mgmnt framework?
Michelle Malloy
Ha! Thanks for asking the question, Lela.
Leia McKinnon
We built a change dashboard in Smartsheet that had an enterprise view of the changes occurring. You could drill down to functional, regional and team level views - and - because the project plans were in Smartsheet, it updated as key milestones in the project plans were updated.
Michelle Malloy
That works great if all your projects use smartsheets. I have a wide range of project manager experience so we don't have consistency in PM/CM
Kurtiss Wolf
Thanks for contributing to our community, Maria! Have fun at your live real theatre tonight!
Michelle Malloy
We don't want to quash innovation and improvement --- makes it hard to prioritize
Michelle Malloy
Thanks!! Great Webinar!
Michelle Malloy
Happy Holidays!
Shelly Blakeman
agree! great discussion. I learned Tom's!
Crystal Thomas
this was FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing :-D
Lori Powell (She, Her, Hers)
Thanks Maria! Great Engaging talk.
Deanna Davis
Thank you so much!
Stacy Stoffregen
Thank you for sharing!!