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Two Journeys Across America: A Conversation Between Darryl Finkton Jr. and James Fallows - Shared screen with speaker view
Chelsea Jackson
Chelsea Jackson
Nnenna Lynch (NY & St Johns '93)
Check out Darryl’s campaign to End Poverty Make Trillions on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDAy_7PcJQ4
George Keys
There is deep-seated sense in America that is moral in its base that would oppose any "undeserved" benefit. How do you overcome that objection?
Trina Shanks
I am familiar with many UBI pilots and am on board. If some UBI policy passes, do you think inequities in other settings (education, housing etc) might follow?
Ian Desai
One of the best talks I ever attended at Oxford was by Anirudh Krishna about fighting poverty in India. One of his key points was that people fall into poverty not at one blow but after two, three, four things pile on and compound each other (e.g. a layoff followed by crop failure followed by a major medical issue and expense). His focus was not just about lifting people out of poverty but crucially preventing them from falling into poverty through a downward spiral of circumstances.Connecting that approach to what you are working on, if I heard correctly this program would also benefit people who are currently above the poverty line but perhaps an accident and/or job loss etc away from falling into poverty. Can you speak at an even more granular level about how this program will be able to help different groups in different ways?
Nnenna Lynch (NY & St Johns '93)
How is the campaign going? What is status and what are prospects?
Ian Desai
Thanks for that answer! What would you like from members of the Rhodes community to support your work?
Chelsea Jackson
Can help with media! Working at WPP in advertising
James Fallows
https://www.ourtownsfoundation.org/ What we are doing
Harry Printz
Thank you for the program!
Ian Desai
Thank you!