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MPNAI May Board Meeting
Joanne Johnson
I would love to have the handout from this evening.
Jamie Mendoza-Brenner (he/him)
Me too!
sunshine sevigny
Robert, if you want to send the handout to info@midtownphillips.org I can forward it to the full board. :)
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Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, Inc is a volunteer-driven, community organization that advocates for a vibrant, safe, and healthy neighborhood. Through regular meetings, outreach, and funding, we bring diverse community members together to celebrate Midtown Phillips and explore ways to make it even better.
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The mission above.
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And we have Directors and Officers Insurance
sunshine sevigny
The full mission is at https://www.midtownphillips.org/about-mpnai (scroll about half way down page to “Our Mission”)
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Outreach Partnerships - Public Art in Utility Boxes - Community Events / Phillips Clean Sweep, Open Streets, Midtown Festival ,
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& National Nite Out.
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We also invest in a Communication Plan. And in the past we partnered with Phillips West to develop & support a Community Safety Center St Chicago & Lake.
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NEIGHBORHOOD OUTREACH We currently partner with 8 local Phillips neighborhood non-profits to implement a variety of projects which expand the outreach within the Midtown Phillips neighborhood: Banyan Community, St. Paul's ELCA, Somali TV, Heart of the Beast Mask and Puppet Theater, MN Youth Association, KRSM Radio, New Americans Youth Soccer Club and MadDads of Minneapolis
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Above partnerships are 2020. When all MOU’s are signed for 2021 we will update the website.
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send to sunny.