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Alternatives to Policing - Shared screen with speaker view
Jessica Tilley
I will stay for the duration. I apologize. I was unaware that I only had two minutes.
Javier Luengo-Garrido (he,him)
Thank you so much Jessica for your testimony and for staying so we can hear more about your work and experience
Jose Adastra
People have certainly died since this all started and the town had the money to provide resources for them.
Lemy Coffin
The resiliency hub was developed in a closed door working group, and has no mechanism for accountability within the community. Additionally, the main partners they list in terms of social service agencies are 1. Elliot homeless services, 2. Servicenet who have no accountability mechanism, and 3. Community action which has limited community accountability
Jessica Tilley
I couldn't agree more. we do see it in our own community of harm reduction
Dan Cannity
The Chief is being invited to the Polices and Spending subcommittee, not the entire commission.
Dan Cannity
Policies and Services* My bad
Cynthia Suopis
I have spoken with the District Attorney's office, Center for Women and Community and trying very hard to get Safe Passage to respond.
Jessica Tilley
Stonewall Project at UMass
Lemy Coffin
its hard to come by peer led DV programs these days because all of the national funding is now tied up with policing nationally and locally
Jessica Tilley
I agree, Lemy. We get a small grant for DV work. There was more monet but we refused to deal with the police
Jessica Tilley
Cynthia Suopis
Linda Baker is an excellent resource on Restorative Justice. She lives in Northampton
Lemy Coffin
What other profession gets this luxury of being invited to the “alternatives” discussion? I would never ask a peer-led organization like the RLC/wildflower alliance to invite me to the table as a social worker